"Persons, Not Property" Quad Fold


For those interested in distributing materials with a little bit more information than our classic dropcard, we have developed the Quad-Fold. This is a good resource to be able to hand people on the streets while out doing abolitionist activism. We developed this resource for distribution at various places from the abortion clinic to college campuses.

This Quad-Fold is designed to recognize the dehumanization of the pre-born human baby as similar to the dehumanization of Human Beings throughout history; specifically the African American Slave. African slaves were dehumanized by those who were more in number, strength, and power for certain characteristics the slave either lacked or possessed. Similarly the pre-born human child is dehumanized in our culture today based upon certain characteristics that they either lack or possess. This resource is not making the argument that slavery and abortion are the same thing, because they are not. It is making the argument that they are both acts oppressive, dehumanizing acts against Image Bearers of God, and neighbors whom Christ died for. It is also the same Spirit that raises up the people of God to Abolish injustices such as slavery, genocide, and abortion when they are faced with it's unjustly legalized practice and acceptance by the culture at large. Every Age Has It's Evils, Every Age Has It's Abolitionists!

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