"Do You Love Your Neighbor" Classic Quad Fold


Note: This quad-fold contains victim images

This Quad-Fold is designed specifically to engage the tens of thousands of Bible believing churches in our culture which surround child sacrifice centers. We love the Church and we are devoted to waking up every local body of believers to the horror of abortion so that the visible church does not sleep through yet another holocaust.  This version uses a victim image to bring to light the slaughter of actual preborn humans.

Please pass these out to your church friends and place them around town in the same way that you would drop any other abolitionist card or quad-fold. We are not just commanded to preach the Gospel, we are also commanded to be salt and light, love our neighbors, expose unfruitful works of darkness, and practice pure and undefiled religion! 

Jesus told us the evidence that would be manifested in our lives that shows we know Him. It was not just a profession, it was not just being a part of a church, it was not just reading your bible, or paying tithes. The evidence would be seen in the way we love our neighbors as ourselves; especially those who are most helpless and oppressed among us. Do You Love Your oppressed pre-born neighbor?

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