"My Body, My Choice" Quad Fold


For those interested in distributing materials with a little bit more information than our classic dropcard, we have developed the Quad-Fold. This is a good resource to be able to hand people on the streets while out doing abolitionist activism. We developed this resource for distribution at various places from the abortion clinic to college campuses. 

This quad fold tackles the empty and worn out battle cry of the pro-choice movement: "My Body, My Choice!" If you have spent anytime out on the streets engaging our culture on the sin of abortion you have heard this defense of child-sacrifice countless times as a justification for women who have abortions and for men who support it. This quad-fold tears down the idea that absolute bodily autonomy is anyone's basic human right and that abortion only effects the body of the woman procuring one.

A bonus feature of this quad-fold is that it comes in Planned Parenthood pink and the front cover simply says "My Body, My Choice." This is helpful in getting them into the hands of pro-choicers who think they are being handed a piece of Pro-choice propaganda in support of "abortion rights."

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