"Sin, Sex, & Death" Quad Fold


Our culture is surrounded and engulfed in sin, sex, and death. The moral climate of our culture has a direct effect on those who are a part of our culture, especially our children. With sexual immorality and idolatry running rampant the consequences of these sins roll down upon the heads of our children.

Our cultural behaviors and beliefs directly effect the well being of the generations that come after us. Our children will grow to have unbiblical views about sex, humanity, and materialism.

Our culture is so wrapped up in the sin of idolatry of self, money, power, sports, music, hero worship, religion, etc. that we fail to love our neighbors as ourselves and neglect the oppressed among us. Also as a result of our over infatuation with immoral sex, the "need" for abortion increases and death is the consequences brought upon the children we have conceived as a result.

This Quad-Fold highlights these truths and presents the answer to these problems of sin, sex, and death with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the back cover.

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