About Us

Why does AHAgear exist?
Thousands of children will die in America today simply because they were "unplanned", or because many in our society believe killing them is a choice that is a fundamental right people should have. We oppose this notion, and wholeheartedly believe human abortion should be completely done away with, abolished.
We identify ourselves as abolitionists of human abortion and have created a symbol that can be used to identify oneself as a person who initiates conversations, and engages the culture at large, seeking to persuade others that abortion should be abolished immediately.

The symbol stands for Abolish Human Abortion. By wearing the gear with the symbol, we identify ourselves as those who actively oppose abortion, seek to abolish it immediately, and we want others to join us in these efforts. If abortion is to be abolished, we are a movement that must grow, and so as AHAgear we seek to spread the strategy of abolishing human abortion, by spreading the symbol everywhere, and persuading others to do work to abolish abortion.