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AATX Gear Package

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The gear package is a key component to the success of this campaign in Texas. It allows us to visibly display a unified front by wearing matching shirts, holding coordinated and campaign specific signs and banners, and to distribute essential campaign resources presenting an overall unified message: The Abolition of Abortion in Texas and righteous resistance to the evil of our age. 

We have not included any profit margin in the cost of this gear package as we are most interested in the recruitment of active participants and supplying the campaign with all of the resources it needs to be successful. This is to say, we are all sharing the cost of this campaign and funding the work we are all doing together. Nobody is getting paid. And we aren't draining the funds with any overhead costs.

*There will be a limited number of signs (the first 100 people to purchase the Gear package will get to take their sign home with them). 

PO Box 68 Noble, OK 73068 USA

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