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BIOS Abolitionist Shirt Gray/Blue

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This Stacked Abolitionist shirt is a redesign of the first shirt we ever put out, the stacked gray and blue A-B-O-L-I-T-I-O-N-I-S-T shirt. This redesign features the stacked letters B-I-O-S highlighted in blue pointing to the fact that Abolitionists fight for the lives of our unborn neighbors. It also features the original Abolitionist artwork of the unborn developing child within the womb (which is the "O" in BIOS).

The Bios (life/life period/story) of a person begins in the womb and continues throughout the rest of a person's physical life. The BIOS (life story/BIOgraphy) of an Abolitionist includes laying aside your own life and living for others.

βίοςβίου, (Greek);

a. life extensively, i. e. the period or course of life (see below andTrench, § xxvii.): Luke 8:141 Timothy 2:22 Timothy 2:41 John 2:161 Peter 4:3 (Rec.).

b. (as often in Greek writings from Hesiod, Works, 230, 575;HerodotusXenophon) that by which life is sustained, resources, wealth (A. V. living): Mark 12:44Luke 8:43 (WH omits; Tr marginal reading brackets the clause); Luke 15:12, 30Luke 21:41 John 3:17 (goods). (For לֶחֶם in Proverbs 31:14<10> ().)<1> [SYNONYMS: βίος,ζωήζωή existence (having death as its antithesis); βίος the period, means, manner, of existence. Hence, the former is more naturally used of animals, the latter of men; cf. zoology, biography. N. T. usage exalts ζωή, and so tends to debase βίος. But seeLightfootIgnatius ad Rom. 7 [ET].]


The shirt brand is from NEXT LEVEL Apparel. 100% cotton


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