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Does God Hate Our Worship T-Shirt

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This t-shirt displays an Abolitionist holding a sign, asking the provocative question: "Does God Hate Our Worship?" This is a reflection of the principles in Isaiah 1 and Amos 5 where God disdains the worship of His people (displayed in mere outward religious ritual), while bloodshed, violence, and oppression runs rampant in their midst and they neglect the weightier matters of the Law like justice, mercy, and faithfulness. The back of the shirt states the sobering fact that 57 million of our neighbors and image bearers of God have been violently murdered in the midst of over 100 million church-going, bible-believing, professing followers of Jesus Christ as Lord. 
So, next time you attend the assembly of your local church or any other local church, wear this shirt and you will have a great opportunity to lovingly persuade your brothers and sisters of the seriousness of allowing and participating in the shedding of innocent blood while singing songs to God.
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100% cotton, pre-shrunk t-shirt.

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