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God Hates The Hands That Shed Innocent Blood 31x48 Vinyl Decal

by Abortion Abolition Resources
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Our signs are designed to agitate people and get them thinking about abortion. We combine the use of graphic imagery and solid abolitionist rhetoric to wake up the culture and arouse the apathetic to action.

The aborted child on this poster was murdered during the 2nd Trimester of their development. Does Anybody Even Care? This is the straightforward question asked to our apathetic culture of death.

Yes this image is devastatingly graphic and we wish that we did not have to expose such evil. But so long as this wicked thing is being committed freely and openly in our world, we will be freely and openly exposing it to the guilty and apathetic public. 

This is a 31"x48" vinyl sticker. It does not come mounted. If you would like it mounted please purchase a board here, and let us know. Here is a video explaining the mounting process:

PO Box 68 Noble, OK 73068 USA

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