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ICAS Crest Shirt

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ICAS (The International Coalition of Abolitionist Societies) has a developed a crest which encompasses the ideology of Abolitionism. In the crest we have the 5 Tenets of Abolitionism, the 7 Stage Strategy to Abolish Human Abortion, The 2 Propositional truths, 2 modes of Abolitionism, and various other meaningful symbols which describe the ideology that Abolitionists adhere to. Below are some helpful links to what each of these things mean. So, put on the shirt, display the crest, and let the world know that you are an Abolitionist united with other Abolitionists around the world in the fight to Abolish Human Abortion.


The 5 Tenets:


The 2 Modes:


What Is The AHA Symbol?:


The 7 Stage Strategy:


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