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Incarnation Christmas Card (10 Pack)

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Before the wise men had brought their gifts, before Mary and Joseph's long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, before Joseph had tried to put Mary away quietly, even before Elizabeth's babe had leapt in his mother's womb at the approach of the Christ, there was a zygote. Miraculously created in the body of a virgin woman, it traveled down her fallopian tubes and successfully implanted into her uterine wall. Our Blessed God in the form of an embryo then proceeded to grow, developing brain tissue, pain receptors, fingers, eyes, toes, and every other body structure that we associate with being a part of the human race. And then the Great Messiah was born, laid in a manger, and worshiped as King.

To celebrate the Incarnation of Christ and His Birth is to be in conflict with the culture of death!

Send a message along these lines to all your friends and family this Christmas season and let them know why you celebrate Christmas and why you are an abolitionist. The inside of this card includes the following text; the second verse of the Abolitionist Incarnation Hymn "O Holy Night", and plenty of room for you to craft your own message.

Each card comes with an envelope.

INSIDE right page:


The recipients of your card will also be directed to the AHA website where they can learn more about this message and the principles and plan of abolition.



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