"Not the First" Dropcard


Help spread the message of abolition every where you go.

Most people are happy to live in a world where discussion of abortion only occurs in churches and political stump speeches. Most people want to drink their coffee, eat their fast food, watch their movies, and go about their day without thinking about abortion and considering what it might take to effect its abolition. As abolitionists we know that 3,500 unborn human beings are being killed every day, and that this is not something we can just push out of our minds or keep secret. Most of the people in our world don't know this. Many of the people who do, don't want to talk or think about it.

Well... one of the primary jobs of an abortion abolitionist is just to get more people thinking and talking about abortion. These "drop cards" are designed to facilitate just that.

Of course it is okay to drink coffee, eat fast food, watch movies, and go about your day in a normal way, but as an Abolitionist you ought to drop one of these cards everywhere you go. Take every opportunity available to bring the darkness of abortion out into the light of day and spread the message of abolition!

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