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The Body Inside Your Body T-Shirt (Black; Limited Sizes)

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One of our most popular signs and drop cards is now in t-shirt form with original Abolitionist artwork. You can counter the empty pro-choice rhetoric of the "My Body, My Choice" mantra repeated mindlessly by pro-choicers with the "The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body" t-shirt. Absolute bodily autonomy is a myth perpetuated by the pro-choice movement to fool the unthinking masses into believing that abortion is necessary for women's liberation. However, nobody actually believes that anyone possesses absolute bodily autonomy. All people, whether pro-choice, pro-life, or Abolitionist are grateful that there are limits to what we can do with our own bodies. There are laws against drunk driving, rape, murder, kidnapping, assault and other crimes where one person uses their body to hurt or destroy the body of another human being. There are even laws against harming one's own body with illicit drugs. You see, bodily autonomy ends where the protection of another person's body begins. Abortion (usually) does not, and is not designed to kill the woman's body procuring the abortion. It is designed to kill the body of the child developing within her body. You can help destroy this myth by holding a sign, dropping a card, and now by wearing this new shirt. Also comes in blue lavender.

Brand: Next Level

Material: 60% cotton, 40% Polyester


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