The Truly Oppressed Person 31x48 Vinyl Decal


We are a self-obsessed people, preoccupied with our own "rights," our own "freedoms," and our own "causes." We make a big deal out of fighting oppression and voicing moral outrage when we can pretend that we are the ones being oppressed. But when it is some other people group that our culture actually disregards, oppresses, and even destroys, we go with the multitude and either ignore their plight or participate in their unjust treatment.

We are not victims. We are not oppressed. We are a prideful and haughty people who pretend to hate oppression while we practice it ourselves. All of our talk about loving and accepting people for who they are is nothing but self serving hypocrisy. We do not care about others because they are fellow human beings. We only care about others when doing so benefits us in some way. We do live in a culture of hate and oppression, but we are too hypocritical to see it. Well, we are here to show you.

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