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Jesus Loves The Little Children (Youth; Limited Sizes)

by Abortion Abolition Resources
Price $16.99

A play on the popular children's hymn "Jesus Loves The Little Children." This truth does not just extend to born children, but truly includes "All The Children Of The World." Not only does Jesus love the "Red and yellow, black, and white" but also to the born and pre-born. The front shows a child at the fetal stage of development and the back shows a child at the Morula pre-implantation stage of development driving home the reality that Jesus' love is not based upon our levels of development or abilities or what we look like, but based upon the fact that we are all made in the Image of God.

Brand: Port & Co.

Material: 100% Cotton

Note: Color on this shirt is slightly lighter than the woman's cut shirt (which is a Los Angeles Laker purple).

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